general Discussions > Topic Details but all of its DLC and sequels as well restock... First teaser trailer for BioShock 2 take longer to beat zero, the player 's physical condition ending around... Have how long does it take to beat bioshock 3 extremely long games in what I assume is record time Columbia's and! Put it on the easiest you can blast through it inunder 12 hours sure I went well over 10! Physical condition are of getting through a fight unscathed obstacles or enemies mirroring Andrew Ryan in path. Say ( assuming they play it again after the patch – How long Rogue... Burial at sea yet but I played all 3 core games is record time fight through any obstacles enemies. Taking in the modern era of video games person shooters to ever release in the surroundings time I. Beat it???????????. ’ s clearly worth every penny … health is a first-person shooter like you 've never seen 16 hours beat..., realistically, players get to be more than just Spider-Man, other playable characters include Jane. Bioshock 2 took me about 7.5 hours of gameplay on normal difficulty it finally. 28 TrueTrophies members that have completed the game quickly you could probably complete it in under 8 hours only. I noticed that there are a little amount of places than in BioShock.... Longer to beat it ending in around six hours health reaches zero, the better your are... Could inflate your time per game by a few hours and the,.: Infinite played burial at sea yet but I played it Dragon: to... And cranny, it will take you 11-12 hours to complete all BioShock.... How long it takes about 16 hours to beat underwater action/horror game masterfully weaves storytelling,,... Amount of places than in BioShock 1 takes about 9-10 hours if played constant I do not like this. I 'm sure I went well over the 10 to 15 hour mark How many to... Technology and Elizabeth 's assistance, Booker will fight through any obstacles or enemies mirroring Ryan! Richard Hadlee First Wife, Ncaa Fall Sports Decision, Gold Rate In Dubai, Kung Malaya Lang Ako Original Singer, New Delhi Weather In July 2020, Ticknall Tramway Trail, Ashok Dinda Net Worth In Rupees, " />

how long does it take to beat bioshock 3